Bed Bugs

Key Advantages:

  • One-Time Application
  • 3 Months Of Residual Activity
  • Effective On Insecticide Resistant Bed Bug Populations
  • Minimal Homeowner Preparation Required
  • Non-Toxic Biopesticide
  • Kills Nymphs And Adults

Perfect For:

  • Hotels/Motels
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Homeowners Who Frequently Travel

I Am Now Offering A Non-Toxic, Bed Bug Prevention Treatment Plan!

Bed bugs are becoming resistant to some popularly used pesticides. This state of the art treatment offers resolution to this problem. The biopesticide I use use contains fungal spores (safe for humans and pets). The spores germinate within 20 hours of contact and then penetrate the cuticle of the bug and colonize inside, resulting in death. This disease is specific to insects and will not affect humans or domestic animals.

This treatment is a great alternative to costly heat treatments. Heat treatments can range in price from $500 to $1,000 per room! They almost always incorporate the use of chemical pesticides, as some bed bugs will hide from the heat. This treatment offers hotels and vacation rentals the first and only safe and effective method to protect against these creatures, law suits that may arise from these infestations, damaged reputation and the cost associated  with restoring the property after a bed bug infestation. Contact me today for bed bug prevention.

These insects were a major problem during WWII. They were almost completely eradicated from North America with the use of a presently banned pesticide. They have now made a come back in the U.S. Pesticide resistance, less effective pesticides and international travel are factors suspected for the recurrence. As a result, biological pest control has become necessary.


Some Bed Bug Facts
  • They are active mainly at night
  • They feed on blood
  • Females may produce 200 eggs in a matter of months
  • Some can survive more than a year without feeding
  • Most noteworthy, they do not spread disease


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